Paul Girling
Paul Girling

I’m a Norfolk based graphic designer offering creative solutions for print based work.

Originally based in Central London in the 1980s I relocated to sunny Norfolk in 1995, just as the Apple Mac led a digital revolution in the graphics industry.

I have a strong, long standing client base and strive to maintain a good working relationship with my clients – some are still with me from my London days. My current workload comprises a broad spectrum of printed material including adverts, posters, brochures, leaflets and magazines, along with logos and corporate identity. 

As an expert in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator I can also provide graphic files for use in websites and social media.

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Graphic design, so what is it?

According to Wikipedia graphic design is “the art, profession and academic discipline whose activity consists in projecting visual communications”. So what does that mean in plain English?

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